• Ipswich Remixed

Ipswich Remixed

Interactive Digital Art Installation

Live from 4th - 31st July 2014 on the streets of Ipswich

Active Design Lab presents Ipswich Remixed, an interactive public art installation digitally embedded across the streets of Ipswich, developed in response to the evolving cultural and urban landscape of the town.

Using a free augmented reality app, your smartphone becomes a lens through which you experience a series of playful digitally enhanced viewpoints along a route from the town centre to the Waterfront.

Follow these 3 simple steps to experience Ipswich Remixed on your own smartphone or tablet.

1. Download the App

Download and install the free Junaio AR Browser App from either the Apple or Google Play App Store. Further information

2. Access the Channel

Launch the Junaio App and 'scan' the QR Code above. This will access and download the Ipswich Remixed channel.

3. Explore and Discover

Use the Ipswich Remixed Guide (2.0MB PDF) and your phone to discover the nine remixed viewpoints.

Ipswich Remixed is free. The Junaio App requires an Internet data connection to download or reload the Ipswich Remixed content channel. Mobile network operators may charge for the data used over their networks. Ipswich Remixed works best in daylight hours and it will struggle in the dark.


Active Design Lab are exploring how new technologies such as Augmented Reality can be used to encourage people to re-examine their surroundings. Using smartphones as a lens through which the sights and sounds of the real world blend with digital animations and audio, they present an altered and enhanced view of familiar locations.

In Ipswich Remixed, Active Design Lab have remixed some parts of Ipswich with others, transformed buildings and amplified hidden aspects of selected locations. The themes presented in the piece serve as playful provocations, to encourage the audience to consider 'How would you remix Ipswich'?

Workshops with Active Design Lab and CSV were held at the Town Hall from Tuesday 8th to Friday 11th July. These built on the foundations of the artwork and further explored how participants would like to remix the urban and social landscape of the Town.

Credits for audio samples used in Ipswich Remixed Viewpoints

Active Design Lab is a creative design studio based in Ipswich who work with emerging digital technologies to connect audiences, explore new media formats and imagine alternative user experiences.

Ipswich Remixed was commissioned by CSV Media Clubhouse Ipswich as part of the Pylon Project. Funded by The Arts Council England and supported by Ipswich ReCreate.